lake and land portraits

Autumn LakeI grew up spending summers on a lake in the upper peninsula of Michigan. The memories that were created at the lake: the many stories of fish both caught and lost, the time my younger brother dropped his teddy bear in the outhouse, and the peaceful hours spent sitting on the pier rippling the water with my toes fill my mind and heart when I look at the paintings inspired by our summers on the lake. These paintings have been so important to me and my family that I feel moved to share this gift with others. I currently accept commissions from families hoping to capture their view of a lake, the field surrounding the family home, or any place they love. I recently recieved a request from a client wishing to preserve her parent’s family farm. Her desire was to gift a painting of the farm to her parents as a suprise for their anniversary. People commission portraits to record the image of a loved one, but the places that are significant to us can carry equal emotional importance and deserve the same honor.  No request is too small as so many spaces hold deep memories that allow us to reexperience the love that was felt in that sacred spot.

1 thought on “lake and land portraits”

  1. Ann…This is beautiful. I’ve had that kind of view up at our house in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Judy would be so proud of you! I loved looking at you website, and even more loved seeing you, Betsy and Oliver! Take care Ann. Beth

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